A great replacement for a projector is to use a HDMI cord from your computer to a TV to display your content. You can then do classroom activities on the computer where everyone can see the screen.

1) How will you ensure that all students have an opportunity to use the computer?
1a)How will you manage the taking of turns?  (be very specific, would you have groups, popsicle sticks??)

I would create a excel sheet to make a weekly schedule. It would broken down into 5 sections that include Monday to Friday. Within those sections, I would include 15-30min time slots depending on the activity and how many students are working on it (1-2). By each time slot, I would have the students name. Having a weekly schedule is a good way of keeping track that everyone receives a equal opportunity to use the computer. It also allows the teacher to be more organized and work on classroom time management.
2) Think of a topic you would like to teach in class and identify three ways you could have students use computers to study this topic?—Please provide detailed information.

The different types of instruments

  • Have many images of different musical instruments in a list and have the students identify them by writing down the name of each instrument in #1-20 order
  • Have pictures of each instrument with a brief description of each one
  • Have pictures of each instrument with audio clips attached for each instrument

3) The computer can also be a tool for instruction (by you). How might you use the computer as an instructional tool?

I could create a power point presentation on the topic we are learning about to assist with visual aids. I could also use video clips to help explain certain educational concepts. I could also create graphic organizers and lists on the computer.
4) In what ways may use the computer to assist you with your job of being a teacher, beyond what you’ve answered above?

It can help me organize my classroom duties such as writing monthly newsletters and letters home to parents. In the case of special education, I may use the computer to write an Individual Education Plan for a student. I may also create custom graphic organizers, student certificates, and name tags. I can also create charts and student records.


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